Conway employees could see raise if proposed budget passes | News

Building permit fees will increase by the square foot. For an 1,800-square-foot home, the increase will rise from $891 to $1,074.

Conway spokesperson June Wood says the city now has 4,200 units “in some form of review.”

Solid waste collections will also increase 7 percent for residential and commercial service fees. A residential cart with a single pickup each month will increase from $24 to $26 per month, a $24 annual increase.

Commercial monthly rates for dumpsters will increase $60 to $85 for a solid waste roll cart and $46 to $70 for a recycling roll cart.

All new customers will be expected to purchase one of each.

Stormwater monthly fees will increase to address flooding concerns throughout the city. They will increase by 16 percent for residential and commercial service fees. Both will increase to $7.25 per month, up $1.

Water and sewer rates will increase 3 percent, due to a rate increase from Grand Strand Water and Sewer. For the average user of 6,000 gallons per month, the in-city rate will increase $1.47 with water only out-of-city customers increasing $1.38. For out-of-city water and sewer, the increase will be $2.94.

To keep up with multiple essential water and sewer projects planned over the next few years to keep up with increased capacity, these fees will increate 30 percent. They include water meter connection/tap fees: water and irrigation meter base fees, sewer connection fees; fire hydrant meter tap and installation fees; water or sewer wet tap fees and maintenance and construction fees.

Taxes and grants are expected to be the General Fund’s biggest contributors with taxes bringing in $8.76 million, an 18 percent increase, and grants expected to take a huge jump from $2.35 million to $8.45 million, an increase of 259 percent.

Licenses and permits will be next in its revenue produced from $6.91 million to $7.92 million, a 15 percent increase.

Sales and Service Charges are expected to take a minimal drop from $4.83 million to $4.62 million.

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