Why Now Might Be a Good Time to Sell Your Investment Real Estate

Historically speaking, independent real estate investors who held for the long-term walked a relatively straightforward (although bumpy and slow at times) path toward achieving asset appreciation and long-term wealth. This path would often look something like this: An investor would purchase a piece of property that would potentially generate enough cash flow to cover the expenses, including principal and interest on the mortgage, insurance, property taxes and maintenance costs. Over time, the property would (hopefully) increase in value, income (rents) would rise, and certain tax advantages, like the ability to deduct operating and depreciation expenses, could be utilized to improve cash flow.

However, the steady march of new government regulations, the impact of COVID-19, and some basic real estate economics have helped some real estate investors recognize that the real estate investments they own have become less profitable and could even worsen to the point where investors could actually lose money each year.

The Growing Impact of Rent Control Before and After COVID-19

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